Spring is coming

It was cold and windy today, but the trees are starting to flower all around.

Plumbing and bathroom remodel

We are replacing all of the plumbing in the barn.  All 4 bathrooms and the kitchen will have new water lines.  The bathrooms will also be getting a makeover with new flooring, paint, and baseboards.

Planting new trees

We planted 15 new trees to replace trees that have died or had to be cut down.  We selected many flowering trees and some with great fall colors.  We can’t wait to see them this spring. October 2019

Always improving

8/8/2019 – We have been working hard trimming trees, repairing irrigation, and overall cleanup all over the ranch.  We have been rearranging furniture and decorating the cabins as well.  We will update pictures as we finish projects.

Welcome to our new site!

8/1/19 – Previously we have not been accepting bookings for events.  The ranch was for sale.  We have decided to keep the ranch in the family.  MaryAnn still owns the property, but has enlisted the help of her granddaughter, LeeAnn Lambert, to coordinate all events and care take the property.  Please contact us with inquiries […]